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Glee AU|Superpowers: Kurt finds himself with the ability to read minds. Blaine’s thoughts turn out to be rather interesting. (inspired from this fic)

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Anderson brothers AUs | Cooper is a paparazzi, who’s next job is to take pictures of the famous star, Kurt Hummel, and if he can, his rumoured, new boyfriend. While he does his job, he finds out that the mysterious new boyfriend is his baby brother, Blaine.

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“No. Freaking. Way.” 

“That’s your brother.” 

Cooper glared at Peter. “I know that’s my brother. That’s my baby brother, making out with the Kurt Hummel.” 

“And enjoying it, too,” Peter observed, not disturbed by the two boys kissing in the slightest. 

“No but Peter, this doesn’t look like some random hook-up. This has been going on for a while! Why did he not tell me?” 

“Would you have believed him?” 

“Of course not. But still!” 

Cooper watched as Blaine tried to lean in for another kiss but Kurt shook his head with a small smile on his face. Blaine tilted his head and even though Cooper couldn’t see it, he knew his brother was sporting his famous pout that no one could resist. Not even Kurt, it seemed, because he shook his head in amusement before placing a quick kiss on Blaine’s lips. 

“He could have at least told me he has a boyfriend,” Cooper mumbled. “Dude, just… look at him, he’s acting like he’s… like he’s in…” 


“Yes! Oh God, he’s going to get his heart broken, isn’t he? He’s fallen in love with this so-called star who is just going to be with him until he finds someone more rich and famous and he’ll break up with Blaine and he’s going to be crushed. That’s it, I’m going there to…” 

“Whoa, nope. No, you’re not going anywhere. No, Cooper, close the door. Close it and look at them.” 

Cooper obeyed, albeit reluctantly, and leaned closer to the window. Kurt’s arms were circled around Blaine’s neck and it looked like they were slow-dancing, right there in the middle of the streets of LA. Blaine’s chin was on Kurt’s shoulder. 

“Does it look like Kurt is planning to leave your brother any time soon?” 


“What do you want him to do? Go on stage, point at Blaine and declare his love very loudly?” Peter laughed. Blaine chose that moment to dip Kurt and they could hear the other boy’s high-pitched, breathless laughter even from where they were. 

“I just don’t want Blaine to get hurt,” Cooper said. 

“He’s pretty much an adult, Coop.” 

“Maybe to everyone else.” 

But he had to admit, it had been a while since he had seen Blaine smile like that. And while he wasn’t an expert when it came to love, the way Kurt looked at Blaine suggested that the actor was indeed just as invested in this relationship as his brother. 

“Well, looks like they are going to continue somewhere more private,” Peter said when Kurt fished his car keys from his pocket and the lights of a black Navigator parked near by flashed. “You might wanna delete those pictures.” 

“…yeah…” Cooper said absentmindedly. “Wait, why would they want to continue in private?” 

Peter gave Cooper a look that stated ‘you’re smarter than that’. 

“Well shit. Now that’s an image I won’t get out of my head.” 

it has to be amazing: Zombie!Klaine Fic


Kurt sank to the ground next to the tree, laying his gun beside him. Safe.

“Is anyone there? Please help me,” a voice called out hoarsely. Kurt tensed and peeked around the trunk of the giant, dead oak.

A boy around his age was lying on the ground, panting, a giant gash in his chest. Kurt…


Glee AU|Vintage!Klaine - 80’s Movie: Kurt mistakenly believes he is dying and sets out to complete his bucket list; by losing his virginity to heartthrob Blaine. Anderson. (based on The Joy of Sex, aka the only 80s movie I’ve seen)

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Life and lies of Plumey Warbler: hanabananana: plumey: super quick doodle because i canbut what if...



super quick doodle because i can

but what if Blaine and Kurt met at a bar and Blaine was just all like ‘Cheers’ and Kurt’s like ”scuse me?’ and Blaine just smiles and makes a cheesy remark about how such beauty needs to be appreciated or something.

(okay I…

rockin' pants!: I Will Grow You A Garden - Part 18/?


Part 1-15, 16, 17

When Kurt finally drops back onto the couch, Tom Hanks is trapped in an elevator and he remembers he forgot to pause the movie. After all, he had much more important things to deal with.

Besides, it’s not like you haven’t seen it before.


Klaine AU; The Hunger Games (part 2)

When Blaine gets chosen as District 4’s tribute, Kurt volunteers. Blaine isn’t exactly thankful. (click for part 1)

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AU: Kurt and Blaine are secretly dating since they are forbidden to be in a relationship as Blaine is in the Warblers and Kurt is in New Directions. One day, they meet in the auditorium and get caught. 


Kurt jumped away from Blaine, looking back at his glee club who were all staring at him with mixed looks of shock, anger, hurt, and outrage. “Guys! I…uh…”

“Do you wanna tell us why you’re sucking face with Warbler boy over here?” Finn said angrily. 

“It’s not what it looks like!” Kurt said desperately.

“Really?” Puck snorted. “Because it looks like you’re getting with the enemy.”

“No, it’s not, I—”

“Then pray tell, what is it?” Rachel snapped, folding her arms.


“He’s just getting intel,” Blaine said cooly, crossing his arms.

Kurt and everyone else’s heads snapped to Blaine. “Blaine—”

Blaine ignored Kurt. “He wanted our setlist for Sectionals and I told him that it came with a price.” He rolled his eyes and patted Kurt on the shoulder. “Just make sure you pay up by tonight, Hummel. My house. Eight. Otherwise no deal.”

“You asshole!” Finn started forward, grabbing Blaine by the scruff of his shirt.


“Taking advantage of my little brother—”

“Oh please,” Blaine sneered. “Weren’t you the one who sent him to spy on us in the first place? Oh, and you’re brother is anything but little—”


“Finn, don’t!” Mercedes snapped, stepping forward. “He’s a Dalton boy—they all have lawyer daddies, you pretty much can’t even touch them. So unless you want Burt to lose the garage because of your stupid testosterone, let him go.”

“Smart,” Blaine smirked, stepping away from Finn. “Anyways, eight o’clock Hummel.” And without so much as a backwards glance to Kurt, he left the auditorium. 

The New Directions swarmed Kurt, calling him brave and saying that he didn’t need to go that far just for a setlist, that everything was going to be okay, that they’d just stomp out the Warblers on their own talent.

Kurt just nodded at them all and untangled himself from the group, claiming that he needed to get something from his locker.

His phone buzzed.

Did it work?

He smiled.

Yes, it did. Thank you, you really didn’t need to do that.

You weren’t ready to tell them, and I don’t blame you. And you know I’d do anything for you. ;D

Oh hush you. See you at 8?

See you at 8.

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Glee AU: Blaine and Sebastian are spirits and Kurt’s a psychic medium. (dedicated to Allie for her birthday!)

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New Fic: Lost and Found


This was a prompt requested by amazinglybelle - who asked for Kurt finding a camera with this on it (but of Blaine, of course!) Check out that post - it’s hilarious!

Summary: Kurt finds the camera on the subway one morning, surprised to see photos of a handsome man holding a white board with words on it. 

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klaine AU; Kurt doesn’t like getting sweaty. Maybe Blaine can change his mind.

more klaine AUs yayhurray


Klaine AU! After months of nothing Kurt gives up the hope of Blaine asking him out and starts dating Sam instead. What he doesn’t know is that Blaine had just gathered up the courage to admit his real feelings towards him

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